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8-Band Omni Whip (10-40m)


8-Band Omni Whip (10-40m)

Please note. This antenna requires a purchased Antenna Selector plug-in!

The 8-band Omni-whip antenna is a light weight and portable antenna for field use and mounting on vehicles. It covers 8 HF bands from 40m-10m (40-30-20-17-15-12-11-10). It features a vertically polarized Omni-directional radiation pattern. Despite the use of several traps and inductive loading near the base it features impressive radiation efficiency of around 57% which is quite remarkable in its class. The Omni-whip is around 18 feet tall with very short counterpoise radials. The height of the antenna is further shortened by judicious application of capacitive loading at 2 strategically located points along its length.

Although, being a physically shortened multi-band antenna, the Omni-whip may not match the performance of equivalent full length mono-band antennas, it guarantees a good low angle radiation at manageable (<3 SWR) on all operating bands. This is an excellent antenna under conditions which are not conducive for deployment of full length verticals. The light-weight, portable design makes the Omni-whip a winner in its category.


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