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Bruce Array (60m)


Bruce Array (60m)

Please note. This antenna requires both a purchased version of the Antenna Rotator plug-in and the Antenna Selector plug-in!

Bruce Array is an antenna in the family of Curtain Array antennas which provide excellent performance in the lower HF and MF spectrum. At these frequencies it is very difficult to practically achieve low radiation takeoff angles which are necessary for DX operation. Curtain arrays fill this gap quite remarkably. HamSphere Bruce Array for 60m is a 4-element design. It is optimized as a lightweight wire antenna which lends itself to easy deployment and good portability. This is a Mobile field deployable antenna. The 4-el 60m Bruce Array features a bi-directional radiation pattern and offers a remarkable TX gain of 6.1 dBi with an even better RDF RX gain (RX directivity) of 10 dBi. The peak radiation level is at 20 degrees elevation with an azimuth beamwidth of +/- 36 degrees. The native feedpoint impedance is approximately 300 ohms balanced which is matched to the 50 ohms feeder coaxial cable using a 4:1 coax balun resulting in a SWR of less than 1.75:1. A 75 ohms coax feeder would achieve a near perfect 1:1 SWR. The radiation pattern is vertically polarized making it not only a great DX antenna but also provides significantly pronounced groundwave coverage for local/short distances. Unlike a Dipole or Inverted-V which act as high angle radiators at 80/160m wavelengths, the Bruce Array is a DX hunter's delight.

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