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Moxon (17m)


Moxon (17m)

Please note. This antenna requires both a purchased version of the Antenna Rotator plug-in and the Antenna Selector plug-in!

Moxon antenna or what is often call Moxon rectangle is a good antenna which performs well and also features a smaller turning radius than a regular Yagi antenna. It is light weight in design and quite easy to construct and deploy.

These antennas are designed to be field deployable and are hoisted at 10m (33ft.) above the ground. HS4 Moxons have been optimized for maximum achievable gain, good F/B ratio and low SWR across band spans. The antenna lobe patterns have been tailored to provide excellent performance not only for DX but also for short and medium range communication on every band for which this mono-band antenna has been designed.

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