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J-Pole (20m)


J-Pole (20m)

Please note. This antenna requires a purchased Antenna Selector plug-in!

The J-pole series of mono-band antennas introduced on HS4 mobile yet another set of antennas with Omni-directional radiation pattern. J-pole antennas have some unique features which make them excellent for operating under Ionospheric skip conditions that require very long skip for low angle DX. Therefore, a J-pole antenna is often very handy for working DX on the mid and high frequency HF DX bands. We have designed and constructed our J-pole antennas for HS4 using collapsible fiber-glass rods.

Apart from the low takeoff angle capabilities, the J-pole also has a big advantage of being deployable without the need for any radials or counterpoise mechanism. Hence, a J-pole can be setup in very restricted space without compromising on its performance. This is a high efficiency Omni-directional antenna and is well suited for a reasonably good DX performance with a modest cost outlay.

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