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3el T-yagi N (20m)


3el T-yagi N (20m)

Please note. This antenna requires a purchased Antenna Selector plug-in!

The Tree-Yagi is a perfect field antenna. It is electrically similar to the normal Yagi but the physical construction and deployment methods make it unique. Unlike a normal Yagi with self-supporting horizontal elements mounted on a tower and a rotatable mast, the Tree-Yagi makes use of trees or other tall natural objects in a field scenario. The elements of a Tree-Yagi are made of flexible (either multi-stranded or solid) copper wires. The ends of the copper wire elements are tied in a harness made out of nylon ropes or any other similar non-conducting and robust ropes. The far-ends of the harnessing ropes are slung over branches of tall trees in the vicinity.

HamSphere brings to you a set of preconfigured Tree-Yagis for 40m, 30m and 20m bands. These have been hoisted on presumably available tall trees. The antenna harness has been hoisted at approximately 60 feet above ground. Antennas with four fixed directional orientations have been provided. They are North, South, East and West facing. The performance of the HS4 Mobile platform Tree-Yagis are very good with a gain of about 12-13 dBi and an azimuth beamwidth of approximately +/-45 degrees thus covering all desired beam headings fairly well using the set of 4 antennas provided on each band.

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