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VU2NSB Dangler (10-20m)


VU2NSB Dangler (10-20m)
Please note. This antenna requires a purchased Antenna Selector and Rotator plug-in!

HamSphere presents a new light weight, field deployable, mobile multi-band DX antenna called "VU2NSB Dangler". It is a derivative of a vertically polarized 3-element multi-band Yagi Array. It features a unique design employing a single feed-point open-sleeve induction coupling. The VU2NSB Dangler covers 20-17-12-10m bands with typical gain of approximately 9.0-9.5 dBi on all four bands. It has low takeoff angles suitable for DX with a wide azimuth beamwidth to facilitate large area coverage. The F/B ratio is typically 15 dB.
It is super light weight and can be suspended from a single fulcrum point at the top like a trapeze harness when deployed. It can be rolled up like a carpet and carried around for field use. It can either be an open harness construction or the element wires can be woven into a long length of fabric. It has a feed-point impedance of 50 ohms and low SWR across its operating frequency range. It can be rotated from the bottom end either manually or using a light duty motorized rotator.

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