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Bobtail Curtain (160m)


Bobtail Curtain (160m)

Please note. This antenna requires both a purchased version of the Antenna Rotator plug-in and the Antenna Selector plug-in!

HamSphere is pleased to present the Bobtail curtain Array for 160m band. This is a major variant of the classical Bobtail Curtain. Unlike the usual design, our antenna is an inverted structure which allows us to set the feed-point at the base of the antenna rather than the top. Secondly, the vertical radiators of the antenna had to be shortened to make it suitable for field deployment. A regular bobtail Curtain for 160m band would require each of the three radiators to be 40m (132 ft.) tall. This was unacceptable. We embarked upon a novel approach and used normal-mode helical radiators in our design. This enabled us to shorten the lengths to 10m. The radiating helix are wound on cascadable light-weight Fiberglass or FRP tubes. This HS4 Mobile Helically wound Bobtail Curtain has very good performance for 160m DX offering low take-off angle radiation and good gain. It is Bi-directional radiator offering approximately 4 dBi gain.

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